Escher would smile.


Hi all!

Got this one finished! The top part of the big circle was the most time consuming. I used a really thin pen, a Micron 005 for details which makes this small A5 sized drawing look a bit “bigger” after scanning. There’s a photo at the bottom with the pen beside the drawing to give a sense of scale.

Hope you enjoy this one. Any kind of feedback is welcome. 🙂


Ps. Art prints available here:


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I wasn’t talking to you, I was writing

Now the best we can do is twitter.

Standing Ovation, Seated

For most of human history, people used to write letters to talk to someone who was not immediately present. They’d frown, murmur the words slowly appearing on a sheet of paper in front of them, gnaw at their quill, agonise over synonyms, and smile at the postscript. Today, there’s no need to describe the beautiful sunset you’re witnessing: it can be snapped and twittered before the sun sets down.

There’s no need to think while talking to the other “party”. Eavesdropping on phone conversations is a sure way to join a local chapter of the Reverse Darwinism Club (the fraternity of people who believe other people are getting dumber with each passing day).

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The Millbank Trading Company

If expeditions to the wilderness in search of woodland elves has been fruitless The Da Vinci Brothers suggest you go The Millbank Trading Company  in Lakefield, Ontario. Mark O’Reilly the proprietor is an old school shopkeeper who dedicates himself to putting the customer first. To this outstanding quality you can add class and flair. His store in Lakfield, Ontario features high end outdoor fashion and accessories for the discriminating shopper and….. get ready for this, the fantastical early art of Robert Vowles. We’re talking deep woods elves of the gnarly variety and for the more refined taste, a lady elf riding a frog. If you’re a techno enthusiast of the twenty-first century and elves aren’t to your taste then check out Robert’s cutting edge  Robot.

It’s definitely worth  taking a trip to Lakefield just to see Mark’s store on the main street. But you can spend a day in the town enjoying its fine selection of shops and restaurants. If you get shopped out grab an ice cream cone and enjoy a stroll along the scenic river.