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Millbank Trading 2014 004

The Millbank Trading Company

If expeditions to the wilderness in search of woodland elves has been fruitless The Da Vinci Brothers suggest you go The Millbank Trading Company  in Lakefield, Ontario. Mark O’Reilly the proprietor is an old school shopkeeper who dedicates himself to putting the customer first. To this outstanding quality you can add class and flair. His store in Lakfield, Ontario features high end outdoor fashion and accessories for the discriminating shopper and….. get ready for this, the fantastical early art of Robert Vowles. We’re talking deep woods elves of the gnarly variety and for the more refined taste, a lady elf riding a frog. If you’re a techno enthusiast of the twenty-first century and elves aren’t to your taste then check out Robert’s cutting edge  Robot.

It’s definitely worth  taking a trip to Lakefield just to see Mark’s store on the main street. But you can spend a day in the town enjoying its fine selection of shops and restaurants. If you get shopped out grab an ice cream cone and enjoy a stroll along the scenic river.


Adam and Eve in Orono

Adam and Eve in Orono

Orono is not the Garden of Eden, but there are parts of the little town that come close. Certainly if you want to see Adam and Eve you won’t be disappointed if you search them out at the Antique Market. If you’re more interested in the Serpent you’ll have to visit the park that winds its way through the entire town like, well,,,,, a serpent.

The Brothers’ Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve 2014

The Da Vinci Brothers traveled back to the Garden of Eden and discovered that the Serpent indeed had a human head and his name was Bruce. Changes have been made to the original painting to take into account the presence of a ferocious lion and a martini drinking duck.

Question of the day: If Adam and Eve were the first humans where did that human skull come from?

Mona at the Orono Antique Market

Mona at the Orono Antique Market

Look to your right as you come into the Orono Antique Market and you’ll see the Classical area of the establishment. A fine bureau featuring Greek wrestlers, a Roman charioteer and in pride of place Mona and the Lions print in antique frame. Attached to the frame is a dagger featured in the picture to the left of Mona.

Van Gogh in the Cafe de l’Alcazar

Van Gogh in the Cafe de l'Alcazar

Walk in the door of the Orono Antique Market and one of the first things you’ll see is the Da Vinci Brothers Van Gogh in antique frame complete with walking stick pool cue. A fine addition to any art lovers billiards room. Click on the picture for more treasures.