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Mona at the Orono Antique Market

Mona at the Orono Antique Market

Look to your right as you come into the Orono Antique Market and you’ll see the Classical area of the establishment. A fine bureau featuring Greek wrestlers, a Roman charioteer and in pride of place Mona and the Lions print in antique frame. Attached to the frame is a dagger featured in the picture to the left of Mona.

Van Gogh in the Cafe de l’Alcazar

Van Gogh in the Cafe de l'Alcazar

Walk in the door of the Orono Antique Market and one of the first things you’ll see is the Da Vinci Brothers Van Gogh in antique frame complete with walking stick pool cue. A fine addition to any art lovers billiards room. Click on the picture for more treasures.

Napoleon at the Orono Antique Market

Napoleon at the Orono Antique Market

If you’re interested in the Da Vinci Brothers “Napoleon on the Russian Front” he’s surveying the terrain from atop an antique bureau. In such an exposed spot the great general is likely to be captured so you’d better hurry. Click on the picture for more treasures.

The Orono Antique Market

The Orono Antique Market

This is a fantastic emporium featuring every conceivable type and vintage of antique. Whether your passion is Royal Doulton figurines and glass ware or if you’re like me and you go for African carvings and vintage toys, this marvelous place is worth the trip even if you live as far away as Toronto. Really? You bet! Treasure hunt in a place full of treasures for every taste and be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable pricing.

I’m very particular as to where I sell the The Da Vinci Brothers line of prints in antique frames. I fell in love with this place from the moment I stepped through the door. Jeff and Mike made me feel right at home and before I knew it my art was hanging on the walls. Whether you are a customer or a supplier and find myself in the happy position of being both, you will be treated with courtesy and professionalism.

Cosmic Conundrum

Cosmic Conundrum

The Cosmic Chess Game sculpture portrays the eternal political forces that shape our lives. Borrowing Peter Paul Rubens painting Hero and Leander I’ve juxtaposed one of the Dark Specters against his picture depicting the death of  mythological lovers. In the image I’ve created the doomed figures in the background represent the victims of large political forces symbolized by the Specter holding the screaming baby pawn. To learn more about Hero and Leander click on the picture. To learn more about Rubens follow this link.


Cosmic Chess Game

Cosmic Chess Game

The world on a chess board; thermonuclear rooks threaten politician queens, baby pawns with nothing but hungry mouths are thrown into the breach to face certain death. Pouring their inequity into this mortal game are the dark specters; floating off the gaming table, focusing all eyes on the arena of their eternal contest.

Will-o-the-Wisp Poem

Will-o-the-Wisp Poem


In a swamp of soggy green, lives Dew Drop the Elfin Queen.
With cowgirl hat and sandals white, magenta skirt and braids so tight.
She hops her queendom on a frog, up and down she guards her bog.
Preserves the lily, saves the fern, protects the grub, defends the worm.
Loves the earth, the muck the slime, womb of life Precambrian time.

Will-o-the-Wisp she glides through the air, first you see her then she’s not there.
She holds her court upon a stump, she’s on her throne in one frog jump.
Petitions are read by tired old toad, one leg short from tire on road.
Beavers and birds fight over trees, from spring thaw to autumns first freeze.
Squirrels and mice fight over seeds, what the one wants the other one needs.
All disputes are fairly decided, no one leaves hurt or derided.

All is bliss in her idyllic land, never spoiled by a greedy hand.
‘til one day Mack-a-Dermic-Sly, saunters to her land ‘neath a stormy sky.
A smelly old elf who wanders the wood, takes what he can steals what he could.
Suddenly music fills the bog, shakes the leaves echoes a log.
All ears turn to Rico Maida, greatest living tenor cicada.
Mack-a-Dermic puffs his cheeks, leers a little then he speaks.
“What a voice, what tune, what pitch, such a bug could make me rich.”

Rico Maida high in a tree, hearty cicada happy and free.
Sly old Mack spits on his hands, climbs the tree with sweaty glands.
He grabs poor Rico by the wings, in a cage the tenor he flings.
Rico cicada generous of song, stolen by someone so greedy and wrong.
Mack-a-Dermic leaps to the ground, runs through the leaves never a sound.

Hot on his trail in hopping pursuit, Hops Dew Drop in her cowgirl suit.
Hopping mad and hot with rage, to see poor Rico in a cage.
She urges frog her trusty steed, to greater bursts and spurts of speed.
Mack-a-Dermic feels their breeze, sees their shadow on the trees.
He turns around to see his foe, getting fast as he gets slow.
He knows frogs legs are good to eat, they kick his head he’s off his feet.
The cage is gone from his hand, he sits down at his last stand.
Dew Drop laughs her heart is hard, joker is her favorite card.

She casts a spell on Dermic-Sly and makes of him a buzzing fly.
Greedy and smelly just as before, but unable to hurt anyone, anymore.
As Rico sings out and is heard, Mack flies the bog in search of a turd.
As Maida the tenor makes beauty of sound, Sly eats the stuff that rots on the ground.

Will-o-the-Wisp and Elfin Queen, in her swamp of soggy green.
Guards all creatures in her bog, on the back of a fly eating frog.

Robert Vowles 1989